Custom System Design

Whether for your home or business, proper system design is key to insuring that your system is site specific and fits all of your personal, financial, and energy needs. Cookie cutter or “one size fits all” systems are just not efficient or effective. At Offline Solar we believe it is very important to educate each client so that they understand all the variables involved and are completely satisfied with their system choice.

During the planning process you will meet directly with our design engineer who is a licensed California Electrical Contractor (C10) with over 30 years experience in installing electrical systems. We specialize in the design and installation of net metered grid-tie and off-grid solar energy systems. With this extensive experience, Offline Solar will anticipate and assist customers in avoiding common system design problems. Once design is complete, we fill out and file all the necessary paper work for county permits and state rebates. Our design and consultation services are also available on an hourly basis for those doing their own system installation.

For a no cost onsite energy assessment and design consultation call 209.742.6333