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Thanks for your interest in Offline Solar. A solar system for your home or business is a substantial investment and we’re here to answer your questions. We understand that to make the right decision you need an experienced, reliable partner who will be available every step of the way.

Since 1982 we’ve built our business on referrals, straight talk and trusted technology. 

It is now a reality that you can produce your own safe, secure and renewable energy with nothing but the roof between you and the source. Save money by reducing or eliminating your monthly utility bills. Avoid rising energy costs and get the utility companies out of your wallet.  

We are a hands-on company and you get direct access to engineering level design and support.   We believe that generic fill in the blank forms to calculate your solar needs and estimate costs can only give you generic answers and an inefficient generic system. 

With our Energy Assessment Program you can start saving thousands of dollars on your utility bills right away. Our design staff will evaluate 12 months of your energy bills, examine your current rate structure and create an initial basic system. Next our design and engineering staff will come to your home or business for an in depth site evaluation. This on site evaluation will include a survey of your roof and surrounding property to determine the most efficient location for your new solar system. We’ll also identify areas of energy use, evaluate your electrical appliances, insulation and current energy drains to make sure that the energy produced by your new Offline system will not be wasted.   

At Offline Solar all of our systems are individually designed to fit your family or business’s unique personal and financial needs. Our systems provide the highest efficiency with the quickest return on investment.

The sun shines down on your home nearly every day. It just makes sense to use its power to create your own safe, secure and renewable electricity.

Get started today with our free Energy Assessment