Energy Use Assessment

This is simple, just give us a call. 

Energy assessment is about your lifestyle, not about filling out a form.

With Offline Solar's Energy Use Assessment you can start saving thousands of dollars on your utility bills right away. Our design staff will evaluate 12 months of your energy bills, examine your current rate structure and create an initial basic system. Next our design and engineering staff will come to your home or business for an in depth site evaluation. This on site evaluation will include a survey of your roof and surrounding property to determine the most efficient location for your new solar system. We’ll also identify areas of energy use, evaluate your electrical appliances, insulation and current energy drains to make sure that the energy produced by your new Offline system will not be wasted.

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You will need your PG&E bills from the last 12 months.

You may request them by phone or electronically  To access them online you will need a PG&E account if you do not already have one.

Create a PG&E account login. You will need your account number.

Existing PG&E Login.

Call PG&E to request bill history at 1.800.743.5000 or email

PG&E can fax, email or mail you your last 12 months of bills upon request.