How we make this work for you.

At Offline Solar we recognize that your home or business has specific electricity requirements.

When you contact us, we'll begin with a series of questions that will give us a clear picture of your real world needs. This energy assessment is in preparation to design a system that fits your individual requirements and budget. Offline Solar provides systems that work for you. One-size-fits-all solar systems are inefficient and a waste of resources. 

An Offline Solar system will provide decades of clean, secure energy while increasing your property's value. Although some "installers" give you a system that sets you up as a landlord for 10 years, our systems are yours forever.

Offline Solar, your best choice. Powered by the sun since 1982.

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"As an electrical engineer, when I started searching for a company to design and install a solar system for our home it was critical to me that they really knew what they were doing and could answer my technical questions. I figured that since Offline had been around since the 80’s they must know their stuff. I was right. From our very first meeting I was impressed with Offline's entire staff and years later I still feel the same way. Our system continues to do everything we ask of it and I'm confident that Offline will be around for all our future needs."

Rob Russell